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Post Tensioning Repair

Post-tensioning is used in construction from buildings and bridges to highway pavements slab on ground and ground anchors.

Our Method for repairing Damaged Post Tensions
Although failure of tendons manufactured with extruded sheathing is uncommon, older post-tensioning systems, non-encapsulated anchorages with poor quality grout pockets and strand tail protection and structures with deteriorated depends on many factors, including the environment, also quality of original construction, structure use, concrete durability, degree of concrete deterioration and maintenance.

precast concrete slab

New Construction Post Tension Repair

There are several factors which lead to the repair of tendons in new construction. The most common causes of repair in a new slab is due to blowouts and other trades drilling, chipping or core drilling through the slab without proper provisions. Blowouts are caused due to rock pockets, sand pockets or voids, lack of anchorage zone reinforcing or reverse tendon curvatures.

Existing Construction Post Tension Repair

There are several ways to visually or manually check for trouble areas with an existing post tensioned structure. We can visually check for exposed strands that have erupted from the slab surface or beams at the high point of the tendon profile and at the bottom of the slabs. These exposed strands typically indicate that the entire tendon force is lost. The presence of spalling and delamination of concrete can indicate active corrosion of the mild reinforcing steel and might suggest corrosion of the post-tensioning system. We can manually examine the delaminated and spalled areas to documents concrete cover and the post-tensioned tendon and anchorage conditions.