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Multi Strand Bonded Post Tension

Bonded post-tensioning systems typically consist of tendons with either multiple strands or single bars. The strands or bars are placed in corrugated or galvanized steel, high density polyethylene or polypropylene ducts. Depending on the site condition and the system used, the strands may be installed before the concrete is placed or the ducts and not need the strands. The strands are then pulled through or pushed through the ducts. Once the concrete is hard, the, the tendons are put through stress and the ducts filled with grout.

Most internally grouted post tensioned systems are considered to be bonded. In a bonded system, grout is injected in the ducts to bond the pre-stressing strand to the surrounding concrete after it has been stressed.

Installation, Stressing & Grouting

From Installation to Stressing and Grouting, we have experience with all types of post tension. We use the best high quality material when we do our projects.

bonded multi strand post tension

Bonded Post Tension Multi Strand

About Multi Strand Post Tension

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