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"You are getting work performed by a person who not only has the experience in the field work but has also invested in keeping up with latest products and methods to best repair and handle post tensioned structures."

-Allan Carvajal, CEO

About PT Pros Inc.

The training and experience I’ve gathered over the past 10+ years has allowed me to develop innovated and savvy methods for the rehabilitation of PT structures. I approach every repair with an open mind to provide the best possible repair of that particular condition. The job will get done the right way with no corners being cut and un-matched knowledge in south Florida.

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Post Tensioning Pro has acquired the following certifications through experience and knowledge in the Post Tensioning Fields. So you know that you are getting your work done by an accredited contractor.

(PTI) Post-tensioning Institute is the organization responsible for the implementation of procedures and to certified material vendors and workers for structures that post tensioned.

  • LEVEL 2 Bonded Tendon Installer
  • 5000 hrs of field experienced in installation, stressing and grouting.

The Post-Tensioning Institute is known as the international authority on post-tensioning. Their misssion is to expand post-tensioning (PT) applications and make it marketable, provide more education, code development meanwhile making the use of post tensioning systems safer, more efficient, and reliable.

pti post tensioning institute

(CTQP) Certified Qualified Personnel is the governing body for the state of Florida to work in post-tensioned structures.

construction training qualifications ctqp

(ASBI) American Segmental Bridge Institute Is the governing body for the grouting of all post-tension tendons.

american segmental bridge institute