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About PT Pros Inc.

Post-Tensioning is a greatly efficient system for structures that offers many benefits in a wide range of construction, repair, and rehabilitation applications. The efficiency stems from being able to use high strength materials, to structurally use the complete cross section, to change the force and location of the reinforcing to best resist applied loads and to control the time when the we perform the force for pre-stressing and then applied to the structure. Our service range from barrier cable system installation for parking garages.

We have also done large projects involving Multi Strand Post Tension, installation, stressing and grouting. We use high quality material that are intertwined.

post tension jobs

Post Tension Repair

New slab & existing structure post tension repair

barrier cables for parking lots

Barrier Cable System Installation

Complete Barrier Cable system installation and replacement of barrier cables in existing parking structures

bonded post tension

Bonded Post Tension

Complete Multi Strand System installation, stressing and grouting of tendons